Stolen Stares

by Safeguard

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Drums recorded at Lasalle Practice Room and everything else at Juicelab Studios.


released December 2, 2015

This EP was written and produced by Hadhri Shah, Sean Sundaran, Niki Muliade and Zahri Ismail.



all rights reserved


Safeguard Singapore

Singaporean based emotionally driven Post Hardcore Band.

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Track Name: Tremble
How can i look at my past and cringe
At the mistakes i made is ignorance really bliss
From all the stories ive written and told
Can even you brush the dust of the shelf before you see its cold

I cant stand the inferior mindset of
All we do is judge on matters that broke our existance

I cant stop thinking of the night i saw you walk into his house
My heart took a spin and my arms just reach the drought
Im breathing in and out with much difficulty
My fingers are trembling this is what id make believe

All i want is to feel your embrace once again
I cant help but still want you with his stench on your chest

The visions of you crawling into his bed
Take a another sip darling you wont make it upstairs
While i wait outside the empire looking into his room
Now the lights are out and damn goddamn im blue

I walked away from the massacre created by my imagination.
My tears just flowing while you're ridding of your inhibitions
Even after witnessing the reasons i should leave
I still fucking love you like fairytales and make believe
Track Name: Selection
Track Name: Transfer
With eyes staring back at me
Sweat dripping down my face
If i could wipe that smirk i would
But my values say heresay

You stripped me of my pride and
Prejudice wasnt involved
My life became a joke when
You took my heart and shaved it from its skin

In every awkward situation
I would hide from the truth
Trust me i wish for better
But the ghost of nelly should

Right here right now
We'll end our lives together
Ill jump from this end
And you from the other

Theres no story to be told
Only a diary full of weeps
ill keep my writing on this end
and take it from its scene.

Theres no story to be told
Only a diary full of weeps
Take my second opinion of turbulence
And save the trouble for his piece
Track Name: Values
In an exchange of glance, i will personify
A different kind of message and we all ask us why
Remember when i dropped the phone at half past two
My arms bleed red just like every single one of you

Imagine how i felt when you stepped into his car
My heart is bleeding jealousy and things are getting hard

I talked to the only one cared last night
But even he couldnt answer me right

Now it looks like im on my own
Id cure the sickness through bottles of love
To offer my forgiveness l keep writing these words
Till the pencil breaks all thats left a cursed

I know im not worth your time
Your perfection kills me everytime i try
Track Name: Thieves
with a coffee cup sipping in the ashes of broken dreams
while i read the magazines given by the wind

headlines read the latest buzz in town
Double suicide, last night, at an alley next to mine

It makes me wonder are we truly upset
Or do we have the lack of strength to keep in check

As i look much closer to the print
As the ink starts making sense abit

as i read the end note
take me to the end note
in a flash of reeking sins
i put the coffee cup back into the sink
Track Name: Saviour
From a time where we were once brothers
To a never ending circuit of mystery
I hope you push the door to lighten my load
I would appreciate that gratefully

My hands are tied
From the moment we bridged in
Say goodbye to my friends
This another beginning

You promise the world
To another poor saviour
But sacrifice isnt a game
For the dead and relentless

I know youre afraid
But to live in fear
To keep on your toes
Please dont live like this

We were taught to stay strong
We were forced to fight back
We never planned for backfire

To my brothers and sisters who are suffering in love
It was never written that we are supposed to be hurt
Paranoia and delusion called it one of the sins
I hope that you're happy now that the future is trim

I rather you hold a syringe and write out your death
I rather save you from the worst debt that youd spend
Now i realize that my best friend's standing at the end
Smiling to himself while he takes a step back to land

I dont want to live forever I just want you to be happy
And if, in your final moments, you dont remember my name.
I hope you remember the one that took you away.